Sweet Summer Time

Moving to a new place means new things, new routines and new friends. My new sweet friend Elle Graham of Weddings & Wanderlust spent an entire day with me recently. We met up at Grapevine in Baxter Village in Rock Hill South Carolina. We met up to chat about life, goals, our blogs and photography. We ended up taking a stroll along the Catawba River and the weather was quite warm which lead us to daydreaming about jumping in the pool to cool off. 

When we were at Grapevine we shared this amazing focaccia bread with the perfect mix of aged olive oil, herbs and balsamic. These people must have known we loved butter because that bread had butter all over it. Give me some bread with my butter, ya know? I failed to mention that before we indulged in the buttery focaccia bread we devoured a lemon gelato dessert. Dessert before the appetizer and or entree is totally ok as long as you eat it all…who cares!

Just let the pictures do the talking. I foresee more trips to Grapvine with Elle. I also foresee walks along the Catawba River and more collaboration meet ups. We both have creative minds and think alike and I am so thankful God allowed our paths to cross. 


That rose was so yummy. Ok, confession I have had so many people offer me rose and have always declined. I always stuck to my sweet tea or my moscato but dang I had been missing out. This stuff is so pretty and tastes so sweet.

The houses is Baxter Village are the cutest. I couldn't live that close to my neighbor but look how colorful and that sky with fluffy white clouds.

I think Elle has some new images to choose from for her blog. Isn't she lovely?

On to the pool to end a perfect day. Isn't this unicorn drink float the sweetest? I should have asked Elle where she got all of her cute stuff. Mosey over to her blog. There is a link at the top, you should click on it and see what all she has going on. She has a Kendra Scott giveaway going on, and the earrings up for grabs are something else. In order to enter her giveaway click here and follow her easy steps to be in the drawing, if you have Instagram that is...Follow Elle

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