Making A House A Home

Making a house a home sounds so cliche, but David and I along with Corbin have been cozying up our new home for quite some time now. For almost four years, Corbin and I had lived quietly in a restored farm house on my uncles property in Wilkes county where I grew up. David and I met, fell madly in love and the rest is history, just kidding. One day I will get to the story of how we became Cindy and David. Anyway, there were countless weekend trips to Charlotte and for a while we both took turns driving back and forth to see each other until David bought our first home with Corbin and I in mind. Then Corbin and I made all the trips down to South Carolina to help with house things and it didn't take long for us to get comfortable.

So David moves out of his condo in to this big ole' house and I fell absolutely in love with it, I mean he did ask for my approval. If I remember correctly I sent this house to him and one day he rode out to look at it. It had been on the market for a while and David decided to look at it with his realtor. Let's just thing timing was perfect. He got the house and after a few weeks he moved in. Fast forward him moving in to the house and even more trips to see my sweetie it was starting to feel like home yet I didn't call it home. One day after a very long day at work I pushed the pedal to the metal to get to David and I successfully made it through I-77 traffic without crying and or cursing or getting the horn blown at me for no apparent reason. I got to the house, cleaned up and was so softly approached and simply asked if Corbin and I would move in with him so we could  become a family. 

I know we are doing things a little out of order, but honestly that is ok with us. I have always been a little hesitant to post a ton of pictures of our house because it wasn't "mine" now it is ours and I can comfortably post pictures and share a few things that have been going on. For starters I always wanted a formal dining room, you know the room you can decorate and no one is allowed to eat in there accept for special occasions like Easter, birthdays, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Finally a big open bright beautiful room I can fill with pretty things that no one will ever really touch.

This mahogany buffet was a special Craigslist find. I remember looking for one and calling David to tell him that this was the one. He ended up arranging a meeting with the seller and picked it up. The next weekend I came down is was situated in the perfect spot. Of course the room still feels somewhat empty to me, but I don't believe in filling every corner or space with unnecessary things. 

Hallelujah for Trader Joe's, I swear they have the prettiest flowers ALL THE TIME and I am a believer in fresh flowers in the house. I enjoy them , they aren't expensive and I always get pleasure out of arranging something simple and nice to display in our home. I bought these prior to David's family visiting us for Easter. 

These buffet lamps came from Kirkland's for $10 and that original painting was one of those pretty things that just presented itself at our local Homegood's, which by the way might just be my favorite store. Lord know's I can't afford full price for everything I want and need. 

The chairs were reupholstered, too bad I do not have a before picture. They are so bright and even more important cozy due to the thick foam I chose for cushioning.

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