IKEA Inspired Bedroom

The day after David asked Corbin and I to move in with him, we surprised him with a trip to IKEA to pick out everything to totally redo his bedroom which at the time had a bed, and a TV with a couple of  night stands. If you are wanting to redo a room, especially for a kid I would highly suggest some pieces from IKEA. I know the quality isn't the best and sometimes assembling their furniture has you asking the Lord for forgiveness upon completion, believe me I have been there and done that. Corbin wanted bright and fun so David and I helped him along the way. For the most part Corbin picked out everything. I was afraid if he kept picking out green and red stuff it would soon look like Christmas, fortunately we stopped him while he was ahead. Pops of color and cozy linens are perfect for a growing (maturing) boy and for the record the walls are blue NOT purple!

Desk: PAHL
Floor Lamp: SAMTID
Desk Lamp: HART LED
Duvet Cover & Linens: BLAVINDA

Shelf and wall art also from IKEA

David hung Corbin's x wing fighter, how cool!

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