Green Thumbs And Patio Furniture

Where do I start? All I have to say is a lot of hard work has went in to making the outside of our home look green and inviting. An entire year of landscaping and beautifying the curb appeal of our home has me feeling accomplished. David has done some back breaking jobs such as digging steps in to a hill of solid dirt so we can create an eclectic walk way leading to our back yard. We are on the hunt for some large river rocks and someone who can haul the darn things in. If I were back home in Wilkes, I know a few good ole' boys I could call. It is hard being in a new place where you don't really know a lot of people, but don't get me wrong I love it here. I love our home, and I love the memories we are making. 

What I especially love is our flowers and our vegetable and herb garden. When I see the front of our house I think traditional southern style. The only thing missing is Britt, our golden boy. I should have had him sitting on the porch with his neckerchief on. Maybe next time. Here is a peek of all of our hard work. I really wish there were some before pictures. 

I know I don't have a big farm to grow my sunflowers on so David made me some rows earlier this spring and these beauties are making me happy. Aren't sunflowers the happiest of flowers!

So happy for double entry doors and the grapevine wreaths I made. I think they turned out nicely.

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